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Ospreys in Poland

Earlier this month Tim Mackrill was invited to attend a workshop on the conservation of ospreys in Poland, as part of an EU LIFE project. The general trend among the European population is positive, with translocations and artificial nest building helping to restore the osprey to many parts of its former range. One of the countries where the situation is not so encouraging, however, is Poland. Here the population has declined to less than 25 pairs, leading to concerns that if action is not taken the species may be lost altogether. In a country that still supports an amazing diversity of wildlife including many iconic species such as lesser and greater spotted eagles, white-tailed eagles, wolves, beavers and bison this is a worrying situation that requires urgent attention.

The project, coordinated by The General Directorate of The State Forests (GDSF) in Poland, aims to identify the reasons for the decline and to implement key conservation actions to reverse it. You can find out more here. The workshop provided a valuable opportunity to review the work that has been completed to date and to discuss future plans. Tim was invited to talk about our Osprey conservation work in the UK and was joined by colleagues Urmas Sellis from Estonia and Flavio Monti from Italy. To read more click here.

Participants in the workshop held in Olsztyn, Poland