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Roy’s latest blog

In his latest blog, Roy celebrates the 60th anniversary of his first Osprey sighting at Loch Garten.

Eagles take flight

After a six week period when they were very mobile, the young White-tailed Eagles from the Isle of Wight have become much more sedentary in the past three weeks. Two birds, G274 and G324, are on the Isle of Wight, while G393 has returned to the North York Moors, where G318 has been present since 5th April. We have been very encouraged that the two birds on the Isle of Wight have been regularly catching Grey Mullet in the estuaries in recent weeks. The availability of fish is one of the keys reasons the South Coast of England is highly suitable for White-tailed Eagles, and so it is great to see the birds behaving in this way.

There is a summary of recent news on the Forestry England website. Our previous updates can be found here.

014 returns

The first of the Ospreys that we translocated to Poole Harbour in Dorset in 2018, has made it back to the UK. Female 014 was caught on camera by the Dyfi Osprey Project on 21st May. As a two year-old she is likely to range widely around England and Wales and so it will be interesting to see where she turns up next.

Thanks to Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust for this fantastic image of 014 at Cors Dyfi in mid-Wales on 21st May.

Satellite-tagged Ospreys

Last summer we satellite-tagged two juvenile Ospreys at a nest near Carrbridge in the Scottish Highlands. Sadly Carr has died in Morocco, but Deshar made it to the Senegal coast. We have received no data since 18th February, but that may be because the young female is now out of GSM range. You can check out the latest data on our satellite tracking map.

New podcast

8th April 1960 was the day when Roy Dennis saw his first ever osprey, while working at the famous Loch Garten site in the Highlands of Scotland. Sixty years on, he’s still working with the birds, and this podcast was recorded in early March as (with colleagues Fraser Cormack and Ian Perks) he sets out to rebuild a local osprey nest which is in danger of collapse.

This podcast was recorded before the introduction of restrictions on movement due to coronavirus.

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