Archives for February 2009

The first spring like day here with warm sun shining on the snow – and at last the two feet of snow around the house has really started to melt. Tom has at last gone on a fly-about over the Cairngorms, but came back the next day – it’s interesting how different his behaviour has been to Alma. She has been staying in Glen Tanar among the old Caledonian forest of Scots pines for the last ten days or so. The ospreys are all in the same wintering sites and with the same routines, but they will be getting ready for the northward migrations next month. It was lovely hearing mistle thrush, robin and great tit singing this morning, and seeing snowdrops poking out of the disappearing snow.

Just updated the various pages – at last as the sun starts to rise higher in the southern sky the satellite data is getting better and I have just logged data for the two golden eagles and two sea eagles. The ospreys have also been updated and it will not be long before the spring migration starts for them in just over a month’s time.