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Slow day

Beatrice had only flown 56 km by 4pm when she was flying over Milwich, heading for Stoke on Trent. At 2pm she was flying over Birmingham 750 feet above the houses.

Flying over Birmingham 2pm

Crossed the channel

Beatrice made a 3am BST start from Cherbourg yesterday and reached the Dorset coast just after 7am – easterly wind pushed her west and she was perched on the Dorset coast resting (may be eating) at 8am and 9am. Then she migrated north over Swanage and Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, before flying north over Salisbury Plain. By evening she settled to roost for the night 3 miles to the SE of Stratford-upon-Avon and at 10am this morning was perched a mile north.

March 30th flight from Cherbourg

Not as fast as I expected

Beatrice roosted on 27th/28th March in a big wood east of Cholet and in the morning probably fished in a lake just 300 metres from her roost. At 0700 – 0800GMT she was perched in farmland just to the north. Ar 12oohrs she was NNW at 60km/hr just west of Angers and the latest location was an hour later NW of Segre.

Roost site near Cholet 27th/28th March

Slowed down

Today Red 8T flew north to the River Guadiana and between at least 1100GMT and 1500GMT was living along the river west of Merida.

Loafing and fishing locations on River Guadiana

Heading north through France

Beatrice left the River Adour at 1100GMT on 26th and headed north, passing to the east of Bordeaux and roosting the night east of Cognac. Latest signal (non GPS) was east of Nantes at 1634GMT on 27th. She should have reached the north coast of France yesterday and I’d expect her to cross the Channel today in excellent conditions, although easterly winds may push her into Dorset rather than Hants.

March 26th - 27th

Red 8T heading north through Spain

Red 8T roosted overnight on 25th/26th SW of Tangier in Morocco, and then crossed into Europe on 26th. At 0700GMT he was in mid Straits but the east winds were blowing him westerly, so he tracked up the Spanish coast being well west of Cadiz at 0900hrs and came ashore over the big dunes at Coto Donana. He flew on north and roosted that night just SW of Zafra – a place I drove through a few weeks ago. He should be in north Spain or France by this evening.

Mar 26-27

Flying through Morocco

Red 8T was flying NNE at 83km/hr at altitude 443 metres ENE of Agadir, Morocco, at 1500 GMT today. In four days he has covered 1570 kms and crossed the Sahara again on his way north to breed. On night 21st/22nd March he roosted in the Akchar desert, next night SE of Bir Moghrein in the Sahara Desert, last night he was on the great fault line escarpment in southern Morocco, SE of Asso.

Mar 21-24 yellow track

Returns again to Villaviciosa Estuary

Adolfo Villaverde emailed today to say the Morven was at her usual haunts in the Villaviciosa estuary this morning – he wasn’t there yesterday so she either arrived on the North Spanish coast on 23rd or 24th March. Thanks Adolfo for keeping a look out for her. She will feed up well there before the next stage. I was at her nest today – beautiful sunny weather – no ospreys there but heard from my friend Alan that a bird arrived at nest A02 in Strathspey today.

Still there

Still at wintering site 1500GMT today

Heading for Adrar

He was off before 0900GMT and at 1400hrs was flying NNE at 70 km/hr at 381 metres. The last signal of this batch was at 1500 hrs, after a flight of 151 km, and he was heading strongly for the Adrar.