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Waiting in NW Spain

On 28th, he was near As Ponte de Garcia Rodriguez where he has been in previous years, and on 29th and 30th was in the estuary at Ortigueira. Waiting to head north over the Bay of Biscay, but the weather in Spain and France continues to be poor for migration, with cloudy wet conditions

Apr 28th - 30th

Flying through northern Portugal

He arrived at a reservoir on evening 25th and spent all day 26th at Perna de Agua II and then on morning of 27th headed north through Portugal covering 242 km before roosting on a wooded hilltop east of Celorica de Basto. He overflew the area of mountain rivers where he recovered in autumn 2009. The weather in Portugal and Spain is rainy with showers all weekend and further north on France and Bay of Biscay it is even worse. Not weather for good migrations.

Migration on Apr 27th

Short flight NW

Rainy day in Portugal so he onlt managed about 100 km yesterday after returning to the river to fish and then stopping for a few hours by a dammed lake 7 km north. The forecast for tomorrow is rain showers and light SW winds, so the weather is not much better than in the UK.

Flying NW across Spain to Portugal

At 0700GMT he was perched beside the Embalse (reservoir) de Los Huroness and was probably eating a fish, and hour later he was flying NW. At 1100 he passed Seville airport flying WNW and continued on up over the mountains to Extramadura. At 1800 he was perched on the Portuguese side of the flooded River Guadiana reservoir after 277 km. He roosted that night in a forest a few km north. It is interesting that instead of flying nort through Spain, like most ospreys, he has diverted again NW to Portugal, meaning he is heading for a crossing of the Bay of Biscay.

Arrives in Spain

Rothiemurchus flew 318 kms today and reached Spain in the late afternoon – crossing the Straits near Gibraltar

Ready to start incubation

This morning Red 8T was perched on a branch below the old nest, while his mate was fiddling with sticks and nest material. They have built up a big nest after damage caused by the winter storms.

To North Caithness and back

On 16th April 107 flew from Coignafearn to Reay in North Caithness. Stayed in Flow Country to 18th and then flew to west Kildonan and later on 19th flew to Loch Ness and next day back to Coignafearn – 100 miles as-the-crow-flies each way. What amazing journeys these young eagles make – it shows how well some individuals get to know Scotland before they breed.

Apr 14th – 22nd

In Wester Ross

Gairloch on 18th, on 19th to Gruinard and then on 21st April down towards Achnasheen

Apr 18th - 22nd

Much better migration – getting near the Straits

Rothiemurchus had a great migration on 21st – starting in the Algerian desert near Tindouf he flew 570 kms by dark when he roosted in groves in market gardens near Ouled Nemma in Morocco. AT 1100GMT he was flying N at 65km/hr and an hour later crossing the Draa valley into Morocco. He flew over the Anti Atlas at 2406 metres and at 1600hrs was just SW of Quarzazate.

Today he had flown 70 km by 1100GMT and was near Oued Zem – it is about 300+km to the Straits of Gibraltar – probably roost in northern Morocco and cross to Europe tomorrow.

April 21st - 570km

Standing in a new nest

After being away for 10 days it was great to see Morven standing on her new nest this morning. No sign of HA but pretty miserable weather and fishing will be difficult. Really pleased they took so quickly yo the new nest we built in March.