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Leaves Galicia and crosses over into Africa

After 3 weeks stopping over in Galicia, NW Spain, Rothie has left the area and crossed into Africa. He remained in Galicia until the 27th and at 10:00 set off south. He crossed into Portugal at 14:15, stopped in Coimra at 19:00 and then rested there until 09:00 on the 29th. He then flew out over the Atlantic to the west of the Gibraltar Strait (replicating the route of his first crossing in 2009) at 16:30 and by the early hours on the 30th had made landfall in Morocco. Last transmission at 10:00 this morning he had continued flying and is now heading south through Morocco.

Spain to Morocco Sept 27th-30th

Finally leaves the UK

Fearna has finally left the UK! She left the Barnstaple area sometime in the morning on the 29th and headed out over the English Channel and by 18:00 was settled to the east of Briec in France. She’s got some catching up to do!

Crossing the English Channel sept 29th

Exploring the Cape Verdes

Stan has remained on the Cape Verdes but has started to move about and explore a little. On the 24th he left Sao Nicolau and flew to Sao Vicente. He stayed there for 7 hours and then flew through the night on to Santo Antao, where he has remained, moving up and down the SW coast. This is a mountainous island and the location at the south end near Tarrifal is a place I have visited and remember finding an opsrey nest high in a mountain gorge sveral thousnad feet above the sea. A most incredible nests.- can’t wait for the next set of transmissions to see if he remains here or heads off to mainland Africa.

sept 19-26

What would be very interesting would be if Stan decides that over ocean migrations are not for him and that he decides to settle in the Cape Verde .  He could be a very usfelu genetic addition to this small population of ospreys

Direct route through Mauritania

Fiddich was well south in the Mauritanian desert at 2234GMT on 24th and at 0220GMT on 26th was 500km east of Nouakchott in Mauritania, a distance of 1300 kms from her last location in Morocco. For some reason her transmitter is not sending GPS locations.

Fiddich’s flight over the Sahara Desert

Willow sets of on migration

At 1pm on 20th September Willow was just SW of Forres and then passed Lochindorb to spend that evening by the River Dulnain east of Carrbridge.  At 11am on 21st she was heading through the Cairngorms at Glen Einich and at 3pm was on the Forth south of Alloa. She roosted that night just north of Crawfordjohn.  On the 22nd she was on the peninsula at Whithorn from 2pm to 9pm.

From Moray to the Solway coast

Still stopping over

Rothiemurchus remains stopping over in NW Spain

Settled in Cape Verde

Stan has moved around the island and visited various parts, and let’s hope he has been catching some fish and by now he has almost certainly met some of the local ospreys

Locations on Sao Nicolau to 22ooGMT on 21st Septembet

Will be at winter home by now

Red 8T has made great progress and at 1500GMT on 23rd September was  flying over the south bank of the River Gambia at 45kph, heading SW at 578 metres, a direct track to the Casamanche wintering site. He would probably get there by nightfall

September 21st to 23rd

No change

Still stopping over in north Devon

Strong migration down through Morocco

Fiddich made good progress down through Morocco, buta bit east of most osprey migrations and on the evening of 22nd September was on the north edge of the Algerian Hamada Draa deserts