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Arrives in Senegal

Fearna flew 264 kms on 12th November and by 1600GMT she had reached the Senegal River. Fearna then seetled in an area of smaller channels south of the main river in Senegal, SE of Podor. After a rather worrying and long drawn out migration she has finally reached the West African wintering grounds.  She is now 120 kms NE of Fiddich and 160 km east of Aigan.  It’s encouraging that 3 of the 4 young we tagged in the summer are in West Africa, and the fourth, Stan, made the big migration to the same longtitude but way to the west in the Cape Verdes and was then sadly lost.


Locations 12th to 15th November



No change

He is living in an area of 1.4 square km in the usual wintering site


Red 8T at usual site, with one flight of 2.5 km to fish in main river

Moving between wintring sites

Beatrice has been more often at Palmones and roosting inland, with a visit to the River Guadiaro on 6th to 8th Nvember. On 12th she was near Algeciras.

November 1st to 12th

Crossing the Sahara Desert

Fearna has really got downto the task of migrating to West Africa. She crossed the Mediterranean Sea on 4th November, afer roosting NE of Motril ins outh Spain.  She reached Morocco in the early afternoon and roosted NE of Fez. On 5th she flew 205 km over the Moyen Atlas and roosted east of Midelt. On 6th she changed direction to SW and flew along the High Atlas mountains for 154 km.  Next day, she flew 222 km through the mountains and roosted in Toub Kal National Park.

On 8th she flew 268 km SW, well to the east of Agadir, and roosted close to Taghjijit. On 9th, she was heading for the desert and flew 333 km over the Guelmin es Semara and roosted that night just north of the border of Mauritania. On 10th,  she flew 521 km SSW over the desert, passing east of the Fderik iron ore mine and roosted just north of the main road. On 11th she had another good day, 409 km SSW – clipped the SE corner of Western Sahara, and over the Akchar desert o roost 220 km ENE of Nouakchott. She should soon be in Senegal.

Nov 3rd to 11th

Settled down in same place

Fiddich is living on the edge of the river/wetland in a range of 1.5 square km near Kotiedea from 1st to 10th November, and roosting away from the water in sparse trees.

November 1st to 11th


Back north to Mauritania

Aigan flew on north on 6th October through the Djoud National Park in Northern Senegal and crossed back into Mauritania and setlled to the north of the Diawling National Park. Seems to have settled in an area of irrigated farmland and rivers, and is living in an area of 19 square km.


November 5th to 11th

Migrated south through Spain

October 30th to November 2nd

Fearna has got underway again – on 31st she flew south and roosted overnight SW of Siguenza. Next day she flew south well to the east of Madrid and roosted just north of Socuellamos. On 2nd November she migrated down through eastern Spain and reached a small river west of Estacion de Alamedella Guadahortuna, 5o km north of Granada, and spent the night there. Great to see her migrating again and that the trasnmitter is working – may be she will make West Africa or I wonder if she will stay in southern Spain or northern Africa for the winter.

Settled south of The Gambia

Aigan has stopped for a few days in Senegal south of The Gambia, probably a temprary wetland so it will be interesting to see if she will stay there

October 31st to November 2nd

Moved to Ratagan

Reay left the Morar area on 21st October and flew to the hills at ratagan, south of Loch Duich and settled there