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Ranging in Wester Ross and West Sutherland

On 13th December was on south side of Groban, west of Fannichs, then flew north and from that evening to 18th was south of Loch Urigill. On 18th and 19th was near Cam Loch at Elphin.

No change – satyed in usual area

Glenshiel north to Monar

Reay started in the mountains south of Glenshiel on 10th and then steadily worked north and on 16th December was west of Loch Monar.

December 10th to 16th

Usual area then flew to Lagganbridge

Fearnan spent most time in the usual Loch Cuaich area but on 14th flew to Catlodge and spent two days on hills and woods south of Lagganbridge

December 10th to 16th


107 moved a little south of normal haunts and was north and south of Strathbrora on 13th December  only a few signals as battery is low

Range December 13th

Remains in same area

106 remianed in the upper Dee catchment on Mar estate as well as crossing into North Perthshire – range 50 square

Range December 121th to 17th


No signals

No signals since 2nd December but almost certainly due to lack of sun to charge the transmitter -shortest day so now the days start to lengthen – great!

No change

Rothiemurchus continues to live in exactly same area

No change

Red 8T remains living in excatly same area

No change

Fearna remains ranging in the same area on south side of Senegal River