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Yellow HA finally flew tohis nest area on 15th April from East Moray; he arrived at the nest area at 1.51pm, and then must have been involved in a major dispute with the new 6-year-old male (Morven’s new mate). His transmitter data shows that he was flying continuously until 2.28pm and then again between 3:01pm and 3:55pm. He then moved away to a fishing loch area where he lingered in trees to 22nd April; he did not try to go back to the nest during this time and on 22nd flew to the River Findhorn upstream of Forres. On 25th he moved further up river and the last signal was late on 26th April. By this time he was living low along the riverside and one fisherman reported seeing an osprey landing on low cliffs on the riverside in an ungainly manner. In this area there would be no mobile phone reception.  I have heard nothing since and my best prognosis is that he was injured during the fight and ‘limped away’ to try to recuperate along the river; and probably died. Fighting between male ospreys can be pretty furious and there have been cases of deaths. This episode shows the danger of being delayed by bad weather during the migration and arriving long after their mate.

Ranging in Perthshire

Rothiemurchus is ranging in a large area centred north of Dunkeld, but has not yet decided on a nest site nor apparently attracted a mate. It is looking very likely that he is not going to breed this summer.

Normal breeding season

Red 8T is breeding again with the same female at his normal nest. His transmitter is no longer working but he’s quite often seen by the photographers at Rothiemurchus fishery

A troubled year

After arriving early, Morven’s mate from last year did not arrive until 2 weeks later, by which time she had paired up with a new 6-year-old male. When yellow HA returned there was obviously a very big fight on 15th April which resulted in him being chased away and probably injured by the new male.  Morven and her new mate then left this nest and went off elsewhere – I now think I know where but still need to be certain. Her nest was then taken over during the melee by a new young pair which are using it on and off, but are not going to breed this year.

Well settled

Blue XD is breeding again with green J at their usual nest, and is fairly frequently seen by the photographers at Aviemore.

Breeding same nest

Beatrice is well on with her incubation and she has had only one flight of note – a quick visit to a loch 4 miles away on 3rd May – may be to wash.

Ranging in East Sutherland and Ross

Suilven ranged in the mountains between Croick, Easter Fearn and Kildermorie at beginning of May, and then on the 16th flew north to the Crask Inn area and then south to edge of Dalnessie plantations and on the 20th flew on south of Lairg.

May 5th - 21st

May 5th – 21st

Back to ranging behaviour

Roxy failed to breed successfully this year which is disappointing, and it’s not sure whether she was non-breeding or failed after laying eggs. During May she was ranging in an area of 43 km².

Ranging in usual Wester Ross haunts

Reay was east of Loch Carron at the beginning of May and then slowly moved south to Killilan and on east to the mountains north of Loch Cluanie. On 17th May flew north to the hills south of Ledgowan Lodge to 21st May.

May 4th - 21st

May 4th – 21st

Ranging North to Tongue

Globe started the month in central Ross around Knockdamph and then flew north to Strathoykell on 12th May and so on north to Loch Naver. She then flew a loop north round Tongue and on the 17th moved across the flow country to the moors at Achnetoul.

May 5th - 19th

May 5th – 19th