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Down to Carlisle

Rothiemurchus started his migration on 30th August and by evening was roosting south of Carlisle and at 9am this morning was fishing on the river south of Dalston.

Migration start 30th August

Migration start 30th August


Onto to the reservoir at Istan

Beatrice roosted overnight and then flew east to the Embalse de la Concepcion near Istvan, where she visited in previous years. She has settled there.

Back to her winter home

She roosted north of Vallodolid on night of 27th/28th and flew on SW to reach the Rio Tormes, south of La Maya evening of 28th August. Next morning it was a short flight for her to reach her usual wintering site, Embalse Gabriel y Galan, at 11am on 29th August. She flew straight to her favourite daytime locations on the reservoir.

Return to winter home 29th August

Return to winter home 29th August

On into Northern Spain

Green J flew SW and roosted in the hills near Puente Arenas on 26th/27th August and then further NW into the mountains.

August 23rd -27th

August 23rd -27th

No change

Rothiemurchus continued living in the usual haunts in Perthshire

Through France to Basque Country

Green J tracked down through France from 19th August; on 21st she was just east of Bordeaux and then slowly travelled down the Landes coast. On 24th she crossed into Spain and that night roosted just north of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

August 19th - 24th

August 19th – 24th

Back at winter home

On 22nd Auust Beatrice roosted near the lagunas north of Aranjuez after a good day’s migration. On 23rd she was off before 0800GMT heading S over the mountains and then SW to roost beside the River Guadalquivir near Andujar.  Next day she was off by 0800GMT and headed direct SSW to arrive at 1530GMT at her winter home on the River Guadiara. She went straight to her favorite ponds in the orange groves and then roosted in the usual big trees by the river.

August 22nd - 23rd

August 22nd – 23rd

On through Spain

Beatrice flew on through north Spain on 20th and roosted beside the River Duero, west of Almazan, that night and next day carried on south past Madrid and at 1700GMT was flying south to the north of Toledo.

August 20th - 21st

August 20th – 21st


On to France

Green J roosted overnight on 13th/14th August near the Bain Valley Fisheries near Coningsby, and next morning flew on south and roosted that night in Thetford Forest. On the 15th she flew on south and at midday was heading for the Channel coast at Rye. She flew across the sea to come ashore near Dieppe and roosted near Rouen.  On 16th and 17th she continued slowly south through France and on the night of 1th/18th Green J was just south of the River Loire near Amboise

August 14th - 18th

August 14th – 18th

Sets off for Spain

This autumn Beatrice did not stay for long at her stop-over. At 1000GMT on 20th she was already heading south and an hour later was south of Peyrehorade heading for the Spanish border at the west end of the Pyrenees. By now she should be well south into Spain

August 20th

August 20th