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Heading for the Sahara crossing

On 26th September Rothiemurchus flew 446 km over Morocco; passing Marrakesh at 17:00  GMT and he roosted near Lakhmiss- N’Aranzanc, inland from Agadir. On 27th September he skirted down the west side of the Atlas mountains on a SSW course until 14:00 hours when Rothiemurchus turned south and headed for the Sahara Desert. At 19:00 hours he was roosting in the desert just south of the Western Sahara boundary. This morning he was already off flying by 08:00 hours and an hour later was flying SSW at 80 km/h over the desert.

SEptember 26th -27th

SEptember 26th -27th

Restarts migration

Rothiemurchus went to roost in the usual area on 23rd September but next morning he headed south and after flying 430 km during the day roosted south of the River Tejo in Portugal. On 25th September he had restarted migrating before 0800 GMT and passed over Evora at 11:00 hours. At 15:30 hours he headed out over the ocean south-aast of Faro for a crossing to Morocco. He flew SSE over the sea with the last signal of the session at 20:00 hours, he did not reach the coast until midnight and roosted just NE of Rabat after a flight of 630 km.

September 24th and 25th

September 24th and 25th

At stop over

Rothiemurchus still at stopover – one day he flew to the lakes at the industrial workings to the north and on another day to the Eume Reservoir

Arrives wintering site

Blue XD slowed down and intead of a direct route, he coasted down the Atlantic shore and then east to last year’s location. He arrived at 1720GMT on 22nd – just 17 days to complete the migration.  Surprisingly this morning he headed off north and flew to Kartong in Gambia and then down onto the river estuary.

Sptember 22nd - 23rd

Sptember 22nd – 23rd

Still at Reservoir de la Concepcion

Jacki Gittins sent me an email yesterday   “Hi, I took a drive towards Istan and the Reservoir de la Concepcion this morning to see if I might find Beatrice. No luck at all (she’s probably back in the
Sotogrande by now!) but thought you might like to see a photo of the north of the reservoir she’s been roaming. I’m here for the south migration and have been lucky so far – skies full of booted eagles and black storks. No Ospreys yet but I’ll go and see if I can spot the residents at Embalse de Barbate whilst I’m here. Thanks for the website and tracking info – it’s fabulous to follow.”

I checked the GPS data this morning and yesterday Beatrice was hanging out on the west side of the lake.  Here is Jacki’s photo of the resevoir from north end.istvan

Should reach winter quarters this afternoon

Today Blue XD crossed the River Gambia and at 1356GMT on 22nd September crossed the border from Dimboya into southen Senegal. Just an hour or two to the wintering site he used last winter.

September 26th -  1243 - 1356GMT

September 26th – 1243 – 1356GMT

Stopping over

At 0630GMT this morning 21st September, Rothiemurchus was beside his favourite river in NW Galicia

Blue XD crosses the Sahara Desert

On 15th September Blue XD backtracked 4o km NW in late afternoon, then next day set off strongly SSW over the deserts. Roosted that night in Mauritania near Bir Moghrein. On 17th September migrated west of Fderik mine and roosted that night in southern Sahara; on 18th and 19th flew steadily SSW through Mauritania and at 1444GMT on 20th September flew over the River Senegal. Just kept heading SSW without stopping to fish. Another master class in crossing the Sahara.

September 16th - 20th

September 16th – 20th

Through Spain to Morocco and the desert

Blue XD flew down through mainland Spain and on the evening of 11th September he was fishing on Barbate Reservoir in southern Andulucia. This lake is now home to some of the new Spanish population of breeding ospreys created using translocated chicks from Germany, Scotland and Finland. He roosted that night near the dam, and then next morning crossed the Straits to Morocco and roosted that evening north of Marrakesh. At midday on 14th September he was heading for Guelmin and the start of the crossing of the Sahara Desert.

September 11th - 14th

September 11th – 14th

Wintering at Gabriel y Galan again

Green J has resumed her winter activities at the reservoir Gabriel y Galan in north-west Extremadura. Roosting at night in the gorges south of the dam and then flying 3 – 5 kms north to hunt and rest on this huge reservoir.  We first proved that this was her wintering site in 1999.

August 29th - September 15th

August 29th – September 15th