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Still ranging in Sutherland

Suilven has not settled yet – from end September he was in Loch Shin to Assynt areas, and then flew south to Strath Oykel and so to Carn Ban and Cnoc Damph

October 1st to 24th

October 1st to 24th

Ranging more widely

Roxy has been ranging in the Borders from Trahenna south to Megget Reservoir

Ranging through Sutherland

September 26th to October 21st

First half of period Globe was in the Alladale to Carn Ban area and then flew a NW circuit later in October to the Assynt area and then back to Strath OykellSeptember 26th to October 21st


Ranging in Caithness and north Sutherland

The male 57107 has ranged widely throughout the Flow Country of Caithness and NE Sutherland.

September 27th - October 23rd

September 27th – October 23rd

No news

Canisp’s transmitter is now intermittent and there were no new signals in October from NW Sutherland

Settled at winter site

Blue XD is now well settled in exactly same place as last winter in southern Senegal

Wintering location

Wintering location

No change

Green J continued her normal wintering behaviour

Still restless

Beatrice left her usual haunts on the Guadiaro in the afternoon of 5th October and flew back to the big reservoir at Istvan and then returned to River Guadiaro on morning of 16th October.

October 2nd - 24th

October 2nd – 24th

At winter site

Rothiemurchus is at his usual wintering site but has been flying 8 km east to Koutango and back on days of 20th to 22nd October.

October 2nd - 24th

October 2nd – 24th

to North Sutherland and back south

Suilven took a trip north in mid September passing Kylesku on 19th September and then ranging in the Foinaven SPA until 30th September. He then flew to Quinag and then south to upper Strathoykell on 3rd October.

September 17th to October 3rd

September 17th to October 3rd