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From Wester Ross to North Sutherland

Hope left Wester Ross on 25th May and went to a big area between Lairg and Elphin until 9th June, when she flew north to the Loch Hope area before flying north to the Moine on 11th June

May 22nd to June 12th

May 22nd to June 12th

Settled in Monadhliaths

Brodie is living in an area of 22 square km in the upper Dulnan valley

May 23rd - June 12th

May 23rd – June 12th

Flow country of Sutherland and south Caithness

Loyal remains ranging in large area of flow country (340 square km) from Kinbrace to south Caithness

May 23th to June 11th

May 23th to June 11th

Ranging NW sutherland

Canisp started off on Cape Wrath side and on 27th May went to the Ben Hope – Ben Loyal area until 2nd June, when moved to Merkland area.

May 22nd - June 11th

May 22nd – June 11th

Ranging to Wester Ross

Globe was between Loch Monar and Achnasheen to 8th June, then flew NW to Coulin Estate

May 22nd - June 12th

May 22nd – June 12th

Still holding the nest area

Blue XD is still using his nesting area, despite his mate leaving at end of May. On night of June 11th/12th he roosted away from the nest for the first time.

Looking after chicks

Beatrice is rearing chicks and she made her first flight away from the immediate nest area –  to a favourite loch 7 kms away at 1pm on 24th May

Staying in same area

Green J continues to stay on riverside near the main A9

Green J leaves nest site

Green J flew to Aviemore fishing sites on 30th May and then on 31st departed the area and flew SW. At 7pm she was at the big loch at Gaich and the next day moved to a tributary of the River Spey at Crubenbeg, north of Dalwhinnie. She has now spent a week along that stretch of river.  These old ospreys are particularly interesting because there is a chance to learn how they behave after a long and successful breeding life.

May 31st to June 6th

May 31st to June 6th