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Hope removed satellite tag

On 21st June, Hope’s satellite tag stopped moving south of Cranstackie. I emailed Derek Spencer, who is carrying out his PhD on golden eagles in NW Sutherland, and he went to Coire na Cuile to see what had happened. He found the satellite tag lying on the ground and sent it back to me. Very many thanks, Derek.  An examination showed that she had underdone the cotton stitching and detached the tag. I’m pleased that she was not dead and now continues her life without us tracking her. Good luck.

No change

Brodie remained all month in the upper Dulnan Valley ranging in an area of 17 km². This is exactly where there was a windfarm application which has recently been rejected by the Scottish government.

August 1st to 25th

August 1st to 25th

A lot of ranging in Sutherland

At the start of the month, Loyal was ranging quite a big area around Ben Armine Lodge and then flew west to the north side of Ben Mor Assynt. On 7th August she made a big flight north to Whiten Head by 9 AM then back to the Reay Forest at 2 PM, by 3 PM was between Altnaharra and Kinloch, then to the Sandwood Bay area and back – day’s flight of 58 miles.

August 3rd - 25th

August 3rd – 25th


Usual ranging in Sutherland

Canisp was living on the moorlands SE of Loch Choire the beginning of the month and then wandered west to Kylesk before heading up to Capewrath side on 16th August and then flying on to the Moine, near Tongue, on 21st August.

July 31st to August 25th

July 31st to August 25th

Easter Ross to North Sutherland

Globe remained on the moorlands south-west of Ardgay until 15th August when she flew north-west and from 17th to 19th of August settled in the area south-east of Elphin. Then she flew north-north-east and reached the Kinloch Lodge area by the evening of 21 August and remained in that area.

August 2nd - 24th

August 2nd – 24th

Still at home

Blue XD is still on his normal routine of fishing mainly in the Aviemore area and then returning to his nest site area. I checked on 21st August and the unringed female was not present and had almost certainly left on migration.

Beatrice back to old wintering site

On 19 August Beatrice did not stay at Istvan reservoir but in the afternoon flew west to the River Guadiaro and the orange groves where she normally winters. On 21st August at 13:00 hours she was over the Mediterranean Sea just north of San Diego and then flew to Istvan reservoir where she stayed until 23 August and then returned to her normal wintering site.

August 19th - 24th

August 19th – 24th

Ranging in usual area of the borders

Roxy is ranging in her usual areas and now has extended her range as far south as Meggethead.

Completes autumn migration

Beatrice roosted beside the River Bullaque upstream from Luciana and today (18th August) set off before 0700GMT but only a few km, probably to eat a fish. Over an hour later she set off south passing over Sierra Morena mountains at midday. An hour later she was just east of Cordoba and then it was a flight over well-travelled lands in temperatures up to 35C to her wintering area.  She flew a little further east than usual over the Sierra de la Nieves to reach the Istvan Resevoir at 1730GMT after a flight of 285 km.  Another autumn migration completed, this time in 19 days.

August 18th

August 18th

Migrates past Madrid

Beatrice continued her migartion, being north of Guadalajara at midday and over the SE fringes of Madrid at 1400hrs. At 1700hrs she was still glying to the south of Los Yebenes after a flight of 290km.

August 17th

August 17th