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At River Adour stopover

On 27th and 28th February Beatrice ranged much more than normal around her stopover site, in fact an area of 18 km². Possibly the River Adour is more flooded than usual and she is looking for easier fishing sites.

February 27th - 28th

February 27th – 28th

No change

Aquila remains wintering in the upper Dulnan River catchment – in an area of 38 square km

February 2nd - 25th

February 2nd – 25th

Usual wandering

Agnes was over Dundregan on 10th February, Glen Orrin on 13th, Strathconon and Monar on the 14th and west of Affric on the 15th; some time after that she returned to Coignafearn where she was on the 21st to 24th February, often near a nest I built some years ago.

February 2nd - 24th

February 2nd – 24th


Beatrice reaches stopover

On 25th February Beatrice set off North East and passed over Aranjuez at 13:00 hours, flying at 49kph at an altitude of 1286 m. An hour later she was flying to the south-east of Madrid and stopped for the night before 6 PM in a forest north-west of Atienza after a day’s flight of 241 km. Next day she flew NNE and passed over Soria before turning north over the River Ebro and then NNE to the west of Pamplona. She crossed over the Pyrenees at one of her regular places and reached her favourite stopover site in France after flight of 331 km.

February 25th - 26th

February 25th – 26th

Beatrice sets off for the north

Beatrice left her wintering site at 11am on 23rd February; she flew noreth past Herrera at 3pm and roosted overnight in open farmland SE of Cordoba. Nextr morning she flew on north after 9am, passed over the Sierra Morenaat midday – wonder if she has seen an Iberian Lynx on her journeys – more than me I bet. At 3pm she was flying NNE west of Cuidad Real but an hour later flew west, possibly in rainy weather, to settle for the night at the Torres de Abraham reservoir.

February 23rd - 24th

February 23rd – 24th

In home-range

Roxy has started to spend more time close to the nesting site – hopefully she will be successful this coming season

At Coignafearn

Orla has spent most of the time on Coignafearn but transmitter has not been giving GPS data because of shortage of sunlight.

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Usual areas

Mackay was west of Braemar on 20th January and then moved to usual areas south of Ballater to top of Glen Clova


Settled in Flow Country

Loyal has remained all month in area of moors between Morven and Forsinaird – Altnabreac.

Ranging as usual

Globe ranged in 640 square km between north of Lochinver (28th -29th January) to Ben Dearg; with latest data from near Creag Loisgte on 5th February.

January 14th - February 5th

January 14th – February 5th