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Breeding at nest

Roxy is incubating and making occasional off-duty flights of up to 3km.

Off on her travels

Orla continued to range in Coignafearn and Glenmarkie to 15th April, when she flew south past south end of Larig Ghru at 5pm and roosted SE of Ben Avon, after her first day away from the Monadhliaths.  She flew NE on 16th and was in Strathdon and Ladder Hills region 17th -20th April. On 20th she flew south to Ben a’Bhuird by 5pm and roosted that night in the Quoich pinewoods. She flew on south to Carn Bhac and then west to be just north of Blair Atholl at 5pm on 21st.

March 31st - April 21st

March 31st – April 21st

Much ranging in usual areas

Mackay ranged widely again over the Cairngorms National Park,  Aberdeenshire and down into Angus. On 2nd April she was in Inchrory, and then roosted on Abernethy reserve on 8th/9th of April, on the 11th she was at the edge of the Glenfeshie, on the 21st in Glen Tanar and on the 22nd right back down in Angus at Glen Markie. During April she ranged over 1600 km².

April 1st - 24th

April 1st – 24th

Long flight to Cape Wrath and back

Loyal flew south from her usual Flow Country area to the River Helmsdale and then on 10th April west to Altnaduin. On 11th April she made a long flight to the north-west passing Loch Meadie at 1 PM and reaching Cape Wrath at 4 PM. She roosted overnight about 2 km south of the lighthouse and next day flew back passing the south end of Loch Meadie  at 1 PM and she was south of Ben Armine by evening. On the 14th she flew north past Morven to her usual haunts and on the 20th flew further north-west to the moors east of Bighouse to 21st April.

apr `1 - 22 apr `1 - 22

Usual haunts in Ross-shire

Globe ranged in an area of 98 km² in her favourite parts of Ross-shire mainly between Strathoykell and Rhidorroch; on 14th April she flew between Coigach and south of Ullapool, and ranged as far south as Loch Vaich on 19th to 21st April.

April 2nd - 21st

April 2nd – 21st

No change

Canisp has remained in the Foinaven SPA covering a range of 61 km². Derek Spencer who is studying eagles in this area almost certainly saw Canisp early in April being severely chased by a adult pair of golden eagles . It’s a tough life for a young legal trying to find the nest in Sutherland.


No change

Breeding at nest in Angus glens, occasional flights up to 4 km when off duty

Big exploring flights

Brodie was following usual routine in the Monadhliath mountains until 12 April when she flew south into the upper Spey catchment. On the 13th she flew west to the hills above the north-east end of Loch Lochy and stayed there until 19th April. She then flew south-east via Craig Meagaidh to be at Ben Alder at 4 PM on 19th and then roosted on the east side of Loch Ericht. On 20th she flew south to Ben Dearg just south of the Black Wood of Rannoch and next day flew to the south side of Glen Lyon and then west to be at Loch Lyon at 4 PM and then later moved to the hills north-west of the loch.

April 1st - 22nd

April 1st – 22nd

No change

Aquila remained in the catchment of the upper Dulnan River except between 14th and 16th April when she made a 19 km flight to the south-west to spend time in the upper Cro River on Coignafearn.

March 31st - April 21st

March 31st – April 21st

Usual two location behaviour

Agnes started the month in the Loch Monar area and flew south on 6th April to the Monadhliaths where she stayed until the 11th when she flew north on the western route. She again left her usual northern area locations on the 14th and returned to the upper Dulnan river catchment until 19thApril when she again returned to the Monar region.

April 1st to 23rd