Reaches coast of Bay of Biscay

On 30th Cromarty flew steadily NNW from Madrid, passing Iscar at midday and east of Valladolid at 1400GMT. He roosted the night beside a dehesa lake just north of Calzadilla de la Cueza after 250 km flight. Today he was on his way NNW at 0755 and flew over the Cantabrian Mountains to Villaviciosa and surprisingly turned west instead of east. He flew over Gijon and then wandered aound the Cabo de Penas headlands and instead of heading out over the Bay of Biscay he turned inland and stayed tonight near Cabrera.  The weather tomorrow is sunny with a 16mph easterly wind. If he continues in a NNW direction he will be heading out into the Atlantic Ocean but fortunately further north the winds over the sea are westerly.

May 30th - 31st

May 30th – 31st