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Calluna had been ranging all the time in her home range in the North Angus glens but signals became poorer and none were received after 11 September. This transmitter has given problems in the past.

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Calluna spent July ranging in what is now her home range in north Angus after failing to breed successfully for the first time in 2016.

Change in her behaviour

Calluna has started to move around more in her home range in the North Angus glens

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Breeding at nest in Angus glens, occasional flights up to 4 km when off duty


The data suggests that Calluna is now settled at a nest in Angus

Settled at breeding site

Calluna is settled in North Angus

No change

Calluna remains settled in the North Angus glens – I hope she is paired up and thinking about breeding.

No change

Calluna settled in same part of North Angus glens – non GPS data to 5th February.

Resident in her range

Calluna’s transmitter is on its winter schedule giving just a few non-GPS locations on sunny days and Calluna remains in the North Angus glens.

Previous data  is on the Raptortrack website  and I am slowly moving  everything to this website  and closing down raptortrack.

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in usual area