Canisp is a female golden eagle that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2011.  To view further details about her movements and history click on her link on the left.

No change

Canisp continues to live and around Foinaven SPA –  living in an area of 55 km²

May 14th – June 5th

No change

Canisp remained in the Foinaven SPA area with a flight to Rhiconich on 21st April and to the eqast end of Loch More on 9th May

No change

Canisp remained in her normal range in the Foinaven SPA throughout February ranging in an area of 50 km²

Usual locations

Canisp remained in her usual haunts in north-west Sutherland but because of the winter short days the transmissions were not GPS accurate.

Very settled in North Sutherland

Canisp has remained in her chosen area in the Foinaven SPA and has ranged over an area of 90 km²

September 15th to October 8th

September 15th to October 8th

Ranging in usual areas

Canisp spent the month in the same area of north-west Sutherland although she extended her range slightly to the east

Range in July

Range in July

No change

Canisp has remained since early May in the Foinaven SPA in NW Sutherland but is not breeding this year

May 18th - June 12th

May 18th – June 12th

No change

Canisp has remained in the Foinaven SPA covering a range of 61 km². Derek Spencer who is studying eagles in this area almost certainly saw Canisp early in April being severely chased by a adult pair of golden eagles . It’s a tough life for a young legal trying to find the nest in Sutherland.


Settling down

Canisp is now spending all the time in the Foinaven SPA between Meall Horn and Dionard.

March 14th - April 5th

March 14th – April 5th