No change

Canisp has remained in the Foinaven SPA covering a range of 61 km². Derek Spencer who is studying eagles in this area almost certainly saw Canisp early in April being severely chased by a adult pair of golden eagles . It’s a tough life for a young legal trying to find the nest in Sutherland.


Settling down

Canisp is now spending all the time in the Foinaven SPA between Meall Horn and Dionard.

March 14th - April 5th

March 14th – April 5th

Settling down?

Canisp has started to settle down in theFoinaven SPA ranging in an area of just 89 km² instead of her previous widespread wanderings. She has moved between Meall Horn and Cranstackie,

Feb 22nd - March 13th

Feb 22nd – March 13th

Maybe settling down

Canisp has spent February mainly in the Foinavon SPA in NW Sutherland – between Cranstackie and Meall Horn.

February 14th - 21st

February 14th – 21st

Usual ranging in NW Sutherland

Canisp’s GPS data working again as daylight lengthens. He was near Merkland on 19th January, at Kylesku on 20th and 21st and then north to Cape Wrathside on 21st -22nd January. On 5th February he was around Ben Loyal

Usual areas

Canisp’s transmitter is on winter time cycles and gave a non-GPS location between Rhiconich and Kinlochbervie on 27th December.

usual areas

Battery low but one signal from near Kylesku on 3rd December

In NW Sutherland

Transmitter just giving a few non GPS locations due to lack of sun to charge battery

Ranging widely in north-west Sutherland

Canisp has been continuing to range widely in north-west Sutherland in an area of 925 km². North as far as the Kyle of Tongue, then to Loch Shin and west across to the mountain Canisp in Assynt.

September 30th - October 26th

September 30th – October 26th

Wandering in NW Sutherland

Canisp was on Cape Wrath side until 14th September and then flew down to the east of the big forests north of Lairg.  Then back up to Kinlochbervie and on the last date 4th October was at Sabhal Beag in the Reay Forest. She was ranging in an area of 740 km².

September 13th - October 5th

September 13th – October 5th