North-west Sutherland

Canisp remains in Northwest Sutherland. The transmitter is showing its usual winter problems so there were just non-GPS data from the Lochmore area on 23rd September and south of Tongue on 1st October

Living in North-West Sutherland

In July Canisp ranged Loch Choire, Ben Hope and Cape Wrathside, and continues to move around those areas

July 17th to August 6th

July 17th to August 6th

Wandering in NW Sutherland

Canisp was on Cape Wrath side until 19th June, when flew to Whiten Head and next day south past Tongue to Reay Forest, and in that general area to 27th at Meall Horn

June 6th to 28th

June 6th to 28th

Ranging in Sutherland

Canisp continues to range widely in Sutherland; starting the month on Cape Wrath side and left on 7th May to fly south-east to the moorland south of Loch Choire and then next day moved north to the area south of Loch Naver. Remained in that area except for a return flight to Loch Eriboll ubtil

May 5th - 18th

May 5th – 18th

18th May.

Ranging in North Sutherland

Canisp was in the Rhoiconich and Cape Wrath side areas to 14th April when she flew east and ranged in the Flow Country around Kinbrace

April3rd to 24th

April3rd to 24th


Ranging widely in Sutherland

February 26th - March 19th

February 26th – March 19th

Canisp ranged in a massive area of 1700 square km, some 65 km from Cape Wrath in the NW to north of Lairg. She was at Loch Choire south moors on 5th March, Cape Wrath side on 8th March, Tongue on 15th and ranging around Badanloch from 15th to 19th March. No sign of her settling down.

NW Sutherland

Non GPS signals from Ben Hope on 23rd February and east side Loch Eribol on 27th

New signals from the transmitter

Canisp’s transmitter started again now that the days are getting longer and on 15th February was between Ben Hope and Tongue in North Sutherland.

No signals in poor weather

Transmitter starting to fail

Canisp’s transmitter not working well in poor weather and short days due to lack of sunshine, but one poor quality signal from hills west of Achfary