Ranging in NW Sutherland

Globe was ranging in November in a large area of 930 square kilometres between Lochinver and Scourie

Ranging widely in Sutherland and West Ross-shire

Globe has ranged in an area of 3000 square kms with a north-south distance of 90 km. In early May she was in an area south and west of Ben Klibreck; 12th May at west Alladale and then wandering on 14th -15th May with a big flight north past Ullapool to Canisp and onto Cranstackie, near Durness. On 17th she moved south-east to Borrobol, near Kinbrace.  Then headed south to Braemore Junction area on 17th May and stayed in big area around Ben Dearg until early June, when she flew north to an area south of Elphin 3rd – 8th June.  Five years old but no sign of breeding yet.

Ranging west Sutherland

Globe was south of Loch Urigill at start of month, then SE of Scourie on 7th December, as far north of Arkle on 20th; at Christmas was around her parents’ home range, at one time just 4 km from her original nest.

Usual behaviour

Globe was west of Alladale in early – mid July and on 28th moved to Ullapool area and then on 29th July flew to Foinaven and then remained in the SPA area.

July 15th to August 4th

Flew north to North Sutherland

Globe was around the top end of Loch Broom in mid-May and then on the 19th flew 70 km north to the Foinaven SPA, on 2nd June she crossed Loch Eriboll and then ranged north of Ben Hope to 4th June.

May 14th – June 4th


Ranging widely as usual

Globe ranged widely in last month – south to Loch Maree on 26th April and north to Cape Wrath on 29th, Oykell on 7th May and around Ben Dearg on 15th May – an area of 3400 square km.

April 15th – May 16th


West Sutherland

Globe ranged over 800 km² in West Sutherland. She was in the Elphin & Lochinver area until 8th February and then flew north to Foinaven, moving to the top end of Loch Shin on the 11th and by the 12th was south of Elphin. On the 16th flew north to Kylesku and on to Foinaven by the 20th and then back down toDuchally, east of Ben More Assynt on the 24th

February 1st to 24th

Rangimng in west Sutherland and Ross-shire

Globe has continued to range widely in West Sutherland and Ross-shire, nearly 100 km north to south. She started at the end of December south of Loch Hope and then flew to Cape Wrath on 28th-29th December. By January 1st she was just north of Kylesku and the following week east of Strathcanaird. She flew back north to Ben Stack on 9th and then by the 13th she was in Strathvaich.

December 27th - January 15th

December 27th – January 15th

Ranging widely in the north-west Highlands

Globe started her travels at Achfary on the 20th September and then moved to the west end of Alladale estate until end of the month. On 1st October she flew north-west and north reaching Canisp in Assynt on 4th October and then on to the west side of Loch Eriboll on 6th. She moved on to The Moine and on 8th flew south back to Achfary. She ranged over an area of 1400 km²

September 20th - October 9th

September 20th – October 9th

Ranging widely in Ross and Sutherland

Globe started the month of July in West Alladale and then flew west to spend the 9th to 21st July near Knockdamph before flying north to Kylesku and then to the mountains east of Achfary

Range in July

Range in July