Ranging across the North Highlands

Loyal has continued to move between the East Sutherland/Caithness border to Cape Wrath side, and lately has spent time in Borgie Forest area

April 16th – May 17th

Settling in the Cape Wrath area

Loyal was south of Syre on 2nd February and then flew north-west to Cape Wrath, and ranged between the north coast near the lighthouse southwards towards Oldshoremore, with visits to Achfary on 12th February and near Rhiconich on the 12th and 15th

February 2nd – 24th

Usual areas of East Sutherland and Caithness

On 24th of December Loyal was close to the Garvault Inn and then flew east into the flow country south of Altnabreck. On 29th she was south of Borgie Forest and on 31st south of Badanloch. She then ranged until the 14th January on Borrobol estate. She used a range of 430 km².

December 24th to January 16th

December 24th to January 16th


Usual ranging in Sutherland and Caithness

Loyal was usually in her main area in east Sutherland but on 25th of September flew north to Strathy in North Sutherland and then back on the 29th. On 1st October if she flew a long flight west to Ben Hee and onwards on 3rd October to Cape Wrath side. On 5th October she was near the Clo Mhor cliffs and on 7th she flew all the way back to Kildonan

September 19th to October 9th

September 19th to October 9th

Ranging in usual areas

Loyal spent the first half of July on the moorland south-west of Kinbrace in Sutherland and then on the 17th flew east and then north to spend the rest of the month on the Knockfin Heights.

Range in July

Range in July


Ranging in Caithness and North Sutherland

Loyal has spent most of the time either north-west or south-west of Kinbrace although on June 11th she went south-west to Craig Mhor

May 18th - June 12th

May 18th – June 12th

Long flight to Cape Wrath and back

Loyal flew south from her usual Flow Country area to the River Helmsdale and then on 10th April west to Altnaduin. On 11th April she made a long flight to the north-west passing Loch Meadie at 1 PM and reaching Cape Wrath at 4 PM. She roosted overnight about 2 km south of the lighthouse and next day flew back passing the south end of Loch Meadie  at 1 PM and she was south of Ben Armine by evening. On the 14th she flew north past Morven to her usual haunts and on the 20th flew further north-west to the moors east of Bighouse to 21st April.

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Usual areas

On 28th to 30th of March Loyal left the usual areas and flew down to Ben Armine but quickly returned to her main haunts west of Morven and north to Forsinaird.

March 16th to April 6th

March 16th to April 6th

Flight across Sutherland

Loyal left her usual area of Flow Country on 5th March and flew north-west across Sutherland to Cape Wrath where she stayed from 7th to 13th March, she then returned and by 15 March was near Ben Armine

Feb 19th - March 15th

Feb 19th – March 15th

In East Sutherland and Caithness

Loyal flew south from Caithness on February 11th and roosted west of Craiggie and next day flew north to Badanloch area; then back to an area north of Scibberscross to the 15th before flying back to the Caithness flow country.

February 2nd to 24th

February 2nd to 24th