As usual

Two non-GPS signals from the Foinaven SPA

Usual two area locations across Sutherland

Loyal was in home territory from 5th to 8th December in the Moine/Loch Eriboll area, then went to the Kinbrace area until 17th. She then headed NW, roosted just SW of Rhiconich on 18th/19th December, and spent Christmas period around Cape Wrath. A range of 1200 square kms

Ranging is Deeside and Angus

Mackay was just SW of Glen Clova on 4th/5th December and roosting in a wood north of Bridge of Dee on 6th and 11th December. Taking in non-GPS locations the range was 875 square kms

ranging in home range

Roxy’s amazing transmitter is still working and sending data; on 9th and 24th December she made flights south to the valley NW of Broad Law

Successful summer

Roxy reared her first young eaglet in 2017 and in last month has always been within 2.5 km of the nest site

Usual wandering in National Park

Mackay was north of Ben Avon in mid July and on 16th flew to the south edge of Glenfeshie Estate and north Perthshire until 2nd August, when flew to Brown Cow Hill.

July 13th to August 4th

Usual two area behaviour

Loyal was in SE Caithness in July, Knockfin and then just inland from Berriedale until 21st July when she flew all the way west and north to roost that evening south of Sandwood Bay. She then moved to Cape Wrath and Clo Mor to 4th August.

July 13th to August 4th

Usual behaviour

Globe was west of Alladale in early – mid July and on 28th moved to Ullapool area and then on 29th July flew to Foinaven and then remained in the SPA area.

July 15th to August 4th

No Change

Canisp remains living in the Foinaven SPA in North Sutherland, but did not breed in 2017

Over and out

Agnes’s transmitter has been running intermittently in May and June, and has now stopped sending in good data. In July just a non-GPS from between Ben Dronaig and Loch Monar. This is one of her favoured areas and it looks as though this is the area she has chosen to remain.