Roxy roosting away from home some nights

Roxy is ranging more widely in her home range in November – just over 40 square kilometres. On 4 nights in November she roosted in pine plantations inland from the Crook Inn in Tweedsmuir. She was also to the east of Broad Law at 2pm on 17th November

Roxy breeding

Latest news from GPS transmitters suggests Roxy has young – in the last month she has used a home range of 17 square kms, with max distance away from nest of 6 kms SW on 12th May.

ranging in home range

Roxy’s amazing transmitter is still working and sending data; on 9th and 24th December she made flights south to the valley NW of Broad Law

Successful summer

Roxy reared her first young eaglet in 2017 and in last month has always been within 2.5 km of the nest site

At breeding site

Roxy remains very close to her breeding site and I think she must be feeding young

Breeding season activity

Roxy movements suggest that she is breeding in her usual haunts

Staying closer to nest area

Roxy is staying closer to her nesting area now that spring is getting closer; she ranged in an area of 18 km²

Usual winter activity

Roxy has mainly spent her time in her usual home range of 24 square kilometres, but on the night of 26th-27th of December she flew south and roosted beside a forest ride in a conifer plantation between Fruid and Talla reservoirs. She returned north on the 27th via Megget reservoir where she was at 2pm.

No change

Roxy remained in her home range in an area of 65 km²; on 29th September she was south as far as Talla Linfoots

Ranging more widely

After successfully rearing her first ever eaglet to flying, Roxy has started to range more widely, mainly half day trips. On 24th August she was over Broad Law at 2pm and Hartfell at 4pm before returning to home range; on 29th August she made a much longer afternoon flight being over Talla at 3pm flying south at 30kph, over Capel Fell near Moffat at 4pm and then an hour later flying home at 75kph near White Coomb.