Heading south from Madrid

On 4th September during the afternoon he flew from Madrid south into Andalucia. I think he is flying so fast that he is already in the deserts of North Africa where there are no mobile phone masts so will have to wait for data.

September 4th

September 4th

Dash for the south

Blue XD departed on migration about 11am on 1st September after fishing at Aviemore. It was a grey day with a cold north wind so he was off heading for the sun. He passed Falkirk at 2pm, followed the M74 through the Borders and over Lockerbie at 3.20pm. At 5pm he was over Haweswater, over Blackburn at 7pm and west of Birmingham at 9.30pm. The first signs that he was flying by moonlight and he continued as he set off out to sea over the Needles, Isle of Wight, 50 minutes after midnight flying just east of south at 600 m above sea level. He flew strongly over the Channel and was just off NE Cherbourg at 0154 and flew over the French coast at 2.40am. After over 900 km flying he stopped south of Carenton at 3am, but not for long. At 0715 he was off and passed Fougieres at 10am, crossed the River Loire at 1236hrs and over the River Gironde at 1648hrs, Soon he tracked out SW over the sea but at 2035GMT he turned SW for Bayonne. Last signals of batch.

September 1st - 2nd

September 1st – 2nd


Still at home

Blue XD is still on his normal routine of fishing mainly in the Aviemore area and then returning to his nest site area. I checked on 21st August and the unringed female was not present and had almost certainly left on migration.

Blue XD has new mate

Blue XD has been regularly fishing at Rothiemurchus and Aviemore, and being recorded by the bird photographers. His tracks showed he was regularly back at the old nest so I checked recently and found that a new unringed female was present at the nest. May be that is why old Green J left early – having een evicted by a younger bird.

At nesting area

Blue XD is still in his nesting area but moved a hundred metres to a favourite roost tree. Mainly hunting for fish at Rothiemurchus and Aviemore, with no trips this summer to the River Findhorn. He has visited the Loch Garten nest.

Still holding the nest area

Blue XD is still using his nesting area, despite his mate leaving at end of May. On night of June 11th/12th he roosted away from the nest for the first time.

Settled at usual nest

Blue XD has been building up the nest with Green J

Blue XD arrives at nest

No signals until today but yesterday’s data shows that Blue XD set of at 9.38am on 9th April and crossed the Scottish Border at 10.16am. He turned NNW and flew out over the Firth of Forth from Leith to Kingshorn. He flew over Loch of the Lowes osprey loch at 2.40pm and at Blair Athol turned north over the Cairngorms. At 4pm he was high over Glenfeshie and flew straight to his old nest in Strathspey, arriving at 4.15pm.  His mate Green J is heading up through France and should be home soon.

Today Blue XD had a brief overfly of the Loch Garten nest at 9am and then made two trips to fish as far as Rothiemurchus Fishery.  Another season has started.

Last bit of the migration - April 9th

Last bit of the migration – April 9th

Nearly there

Blue XD roosted last night near Cold Meece and set off north just after 9am. He was over Trafford Park, west side of Manchester at 1134 and then  up over the moors to Appleby by 2.49pm and stopped for the night at RAF Spadeadam after a flight of 247km.  Forecast for tomorrow is good so he might just reached home by evening.

April 8th

April 8th


North through England

Blue XD arrived at Swanage at 1250pm on 6th April and spent much of the day around Poole Harbour. He roosted the night in a big wood to the north-east of Bere Regis. Today he headed north passing over Gloucester at 1.36pm and by 4.42pm had travelled 220km. At this point he was still flying north near Cannock.

April 7th

April 7th