Rothiemurchus is a male osprey that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2009.  To view further details about his movements and history click on his link on the left.

From 2012 his annual tracking costs are now sponsored by Chris Wood


No news

Chris Wood is hoping to visit Rothiemurchus’s favourite wintering site and hopefully see him still there (minus his transmitter).

Transmitter detached?

Rothiemurchus continued to use his favourite wintering site but no signals were received after the night of 7th/8th November. I feel sure his transmitter has come off – which is what they are designed to do after about 5 years – he was tagged in summer 2009 – so his transmitter has been working for five and a half years.  Chris Wood, who sponsors the cost of the Argos downloads for this ospreys, is hoping to visit the wintering site this winter and will try to confirm he is still alive.  Map below shows range over three weeks and last locations in red on 7th November.nov to 7th

At winter site

Rothiemurchus is at his usual wintering site but has been flying 8 km east to Koutango and back on days of 20th to 22nd October.

October 2nd - 24th

October 2nd – 24th

Settled at wintering site

Rothiemurchus is back at his usual wintering site and only making short flights around the mangroves

Rothiemurchus back at winter home

Rothiemurchus is now back at his winter home in Senegal on a backwater of the River Gambia.  But he did not go straight there on 1st October, instead he flew from Kebener to the north shore of the River Gambia in Gambia and spent the night there, before heading north-east and reaching his wintering site at 1100GMT.

to Oct 2nd

to Oct 2nd

Fast crossing of the Sahara

On 28th September flew 537 km SSW through Western Sahara and roosted out in desert, well NW of Fderik. Next day he flew even further, 666 km, and roosted that night 43 km east of Nouakchott. On 30th September he crossed into Senegal at 1330GMT and flew on over the Djoud National Park without stopping.  After St Louis he changed course to SSW to head towards his wintering site. Last night he roosted near Kebener. Today he has just 190 km to go to his wintering site.

Septemeber 28th - 30th   -  across the Sahara Desert

Septemeber 28th – 30th – across the Sahara Desert

Heading for the Sahara crossing

On 26th September Rothiemurchus flew 446 km over Morocco; passing Marrakesh at 17:00  GMT and he roosted near Lakhmiss- N’Aranzanc, inland from Agadir. On 27th September he skirted down the west side of the Atlas mountains on a SSW course until 14:00 hours when Rothiemurchus turned south and headed for the Sahara Desert. At 19:00 hours he was roosting in the desert just south of the Western Sahara boundary. This morning he was already off flying by 08:00 hours and an hour later was flying SSW at 80 km/h over the desert.

SEptember 26th -27th

SEptember 26th -27th

Restarts migration

Rothiemurchus went to roost in the usual area on 23rd September but next morning he headed south and after flying 430 km during the day roosted south of the River Tejo in Portugal. On 25th September he had restarted migrating before 0800 GMT and passed over Evora at 11:00 hours. At 15:30 hours he headed out over the ocean south-aast of Faro for a crossing to Morocco. He flew SSE over the sea with the last signal of the session at 20:00 hours, he did not reach the coast until midnight and roosted just NE of Rabat after a flight of 630 km.

September 24th and 25th

September 24th and 25th

At stop over

Rothiemurchus still at stopover – one day he flew to the lakes at the industrial workings to the north and on another day to the Eume Reservoir