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Ospreys breeding at Poole Harbour

We are delighted that a pair of Ospreys are breeding at Poole Harbour for the first time this year. Read more here.

Ospreys 022 (left) and CJ7 at the nest at Poole Harbour

Update on White-tailed Eagle G461

Sadly we can now confirm that the White-tailed Eagle that died of brodifacoum poisoning in Dorset was G461, a bird that had been seen and enjoyed by many people, particularly during autumn 2021 when it was a frequent visitor to Poole Harbour in Dorset. Read more here.

White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Wight

Last summer we translocated a further 12 Scottish White-tailed Eagles to the Isle of Wight, in partnership with Forestry England, meaning that a total of 25 birds have been released since the project began in 2019. Each bird is satellite-tagged and this provides an important insight into the latest movements of the young eagles. You can read more here, and the most up-to-date information can be found on our Twitter account.

Buy Roy’s New Book

Signed copies of Roy’s new book Mistletoe Winter are now available to buy via our website. You can also buy copies of Roy’s other recent books, Restoring the Wild and Cottongrass Summer.