Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, and I went to Findhorn Bay to have one last try at catching one of the male ospreys. it was low tide when I arrived at 10 a.m. and I set up my osprey trap on a favourite feeding post. Just after 11am, the male ospreys started to arrive to fish for flounders in the Bay, with four being the most at once. One male with quite a big fish landed on my trap was not caught, then about half an hour later another male came in with a small flat fish and was trapped. It proved to be Red 7J, a well known male, which has successfully nested for the first time, close to Logie’s nest and has reared three chicks. With the help of Ian Suttie and Moira Hickey, the bird was weighed and measured, and the last satellite funded by Talisman Energy was fitted. He flew off when released and returned south to his nest. Since then the signals show that he’s been hunting fish along Culbin Bars and the mouth of the bay. As I went to take him out of the trap, one of the RAF Kinloss Nimrods passed low overhead of us as it landed at the air base. We’ve decided to call this Osprey Nimrod – the mighty hunter.

Really great to get a phone call this morning from Robin Reed from the Outer Hebrides, who had just seen a satellite tagged Osprey at the head of Loch Seaforth in Lewis; it was Logie’s young chick, Moray, which was tracked to Pairc yesterday. Robin said he was in a good place for fishing and the weather was much better.

Several emails came in today asking around Logie, but is still no sign. A French ornithologist from south of Bordeaux emailed to say that the colour ringed osprey which regularly visits his reserve had just turned up again, and in passing he said that the place Beatrice stayed on the River Ardour near Dax is really excellent for ospreys. A reply from John Cortes, Gibraltar, to my last night’s email said ‘it wasn’t very good day for raptor migration at the Rock but they would keep a lookout for Beatrice passing by.

World on the Move, BBC radio 4 programme on migration back on the air (Tuesday 11am and Wednesday 9pm) and Logie’s summer was featured and I also discussed the loss of signals.