I’ve just got back home after being south to the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol to take part in the live ‘World on the Move’ programme yesterday, with Brett Westwood and Phillipa Forrester. Unbeknown to us, at that very moment of the start of the programme Nimrod had arrived on the South Wales coast at Carmarthen Bay. Now I’ve had a chance to catch up on last few days data, and find that Nimrod started his true migration on Monday 22nd September at midday and by nightfall he had arrived in Anglesey – a fast migration with cold weather coming in from the north and clearing skies. Yesterday, he flew on down through Wales and set up a roost site in Pembrey Forest, and fished in the estuary at Carmarthen bay. Neither female osprey had moved on and both were still on stop-over (or have they reached their wintering sites).

The young female honey buzzard crossed the English Channel on Sunday 21st – a much nicer day with clear skies – and on 23rd had an excellent long migration down through France to reach the northern foothills of the Pyrenees Mountain chain.

My apologies for not having the website updated regularly over last couple days – couldn’t get a broadband connection easily in Cheltenham – I must try to find a better way to access the Argos data and update the website while travelling, may be with a light notebook computer with it’s own internet link, rather than my old laptop.

In the evening I updated the eagle pages, Alma had one of her big flights on the afternoon of 22nd when she flew to Beinn-y-Ghlo in North Perthshire, across Glas Maol to Glen Doll and back to Balmoral. Lovely clear cold day and at times she was at an altitude over 5000 feet, getting a great view of her land. The day previously, her younger brother Angus made his first trip away from his parents into North Perthshire, while Tom stayed local.