A chance to look at Nimrod’s movements on 17th and 18th October, and it looks very much as though he is back at a wintering site, which is well known to him. His routine over the two day’s is the same – with the same roost site and a two kilometre trip up the estuary each day to a small inlet, where he probably fishes. Then back to the same roost in the mangrove swamps at night. Many thanks to Elizabeth Marshall, who dropped me a note after reading my book ‘A Life of Ospreys’, to say she had voted for me in the Glenfiddich/Scotsman ‘Spirit of Scotland Awards 2008.

I’ve been nominated in the Environment section – for details and voting check out: http://uk.glenfiddich.com/every-year-counts/glenfiddich-spirit-of-scotland-awards/vote-for-nominee.html?category=environment&nominee=Roy%20Dennis