My attention changed to Nimrod’s nest and I was there three times – the first at 7.30am – still no sign of Nimrod, but I managed to read the colour ring on the new male. I had ringed him in a nearby nest in July 2003, so he’s 6 years old and should be breeding. He has been very busy nest building, and on the first visit he had just fed on a fish before handing it over to the female, so he’s looking settled. I was surprised in the afternoon to still not find Nimrod – it’s been such beautiful weather in Scotland. Later when the satellite transmission came through, I found out that Nimrod had been delayed in western France by poor weather, and only this morning did the weather improve and he was able to get across the English Channel and head north, and by 7.30 pm he was heading north off Liverpool. He should be home tomorrow and will then have to sort things out at the nest – I’ll try to be there to see the action – and I expect the intruding male will be ousted. Hope he finds a lone female with a nest somewhere in the district.