Visited Nimrod’s eyrie three times today and at each visit the new male HA was at the nest, in the afternoon he brought a nice trout to the nest – dashed back at 7.30pm but still no sign of Nimrod – guess the weather has been overcast further south in the mountains – surely he’ll be back tomorrow – I wonder if he will succeed in shifting the intruder, which has now invested a good deal of time and work at the site. Checking other nest sites during the day – great to see an old regular female of 18 years (the first osprey I satellite tracked back in 1999 – which wintered in Extremadura and probably still does), and also pleased to see a pair rebuilding in a dead Scots pine, which had lost their old nest in the heavy snow falls of February. In my travels saw two red kites, which is unusual in Moray and Nairn..