Morven flies north to Caithness!

No wonder I didn’t see Morven on the 18th when I checked her eyrie – she had flown north instead of setting off for Africa! Her transmitter is unfortunately playing up and only when it is in full sunlight does the battery charge enough to transmit. But three signals came in last night which showed that when the rainy weather cleared late on Monday morning she set off across the Moray Firth to Sutherland and almost certainly on to her last summer’s haunts in Caithness. What an interesting bird she is – I did not expect her to follow her last year’s behaviour now that she has a mate, a nest and a chick, but there goes. I hope some of the Caithness birdwatchers report her fishing at Loch Calder or Loch Olginey for that is where I expect her to go. Then will she come back and call by her nest to check out her chick before the southward migration?