Yesterday, it was a much nicer morning, still and clear, so I got up early and went down to Findhorn Bay to have another try at catching osprey yellow HA, but although four male ospreys were down there catching flounders and sitting around on logs on the mud flats, I was unsuccessful – the high tide was too low to push them up onto the saltmarsh. Two lovely green sandpipers that flew over my head and landed on the edge of the water were a bonus, and a reminder that autumn migration is well under way, as were 11 pale-bellied brent geese, I watched in the Lossie estuary in the afternoon. I’ve just looked at the Argos data for yesterday and it shows me that Beatrice restarted her migration yesterday morning and is now in Spain, while one of the young honey buzzards has also moved away from its breeding area, so I will try to get their webpages up and running in the next day or two.