Racing home

Out for an pre-breakfast check on the local ospreys this morning; none fishing down in Findhorn Bay but two pairs very settled at their eyries with males eating their half a fish, and their females perched on their nests waiting for their shares. Both pairs comprised same individuals as last year. When I checked the eyrie belonging to Morven & Talisman I could see a female osprey perched on it – it was Beatrice still wandering around looking for a male to feed her. She was there yesterday, reported by one of my friends, and when I checked the GPS locations I could see she was there on four of the hourly checks during the day.

The big news today is the race home by the occupants of nest B01 – Talisman roosted last night near Oswestry and Morven roosted in a wood near Kirkby Lonsdale. So both of them could be here later today – Talisman has 325 miles to go, Morven 235 miles. I wonder which will get here first – I’ll check later today, and then up date the website after giving an evening talk on ospreys at Hopeman. The forecast between the rain belts is sun with hardly any wind – if both set off by 7am they should get here in the afternoon. How amazing that after the whole winter and the migration they might arrive back within hours of each other.