Nearly there!

Just been to B01 nest but still no sign of Morven and Talisman. It was a strong wind yesterday so they probably got stuck south of the Cairngorms. Had a check of Nimrod’s nest (B04) and the old female was there this morning re-arranging the nest, which is now well built up. Two days ago there was an osprey on the nest and I think it may have been the intruder male from last year so Nimrod needs to hurry back. His four day transmissions cycle means that he may be here before I next get signals. He was in Brittany when I last heard.

Yesterday, I checked 6 nests in Strathspey and only two had ospreys, while in Moray I found pairs at two nests, singles at three nests and two nests with no birds. It’s seems rather a slow spring – and I haven’t seen a swallow yet.

Just back home and logged on to find that Talisman was over Loch Builg, in the Eastern Cairngorms at 10am, flying due north at 47 kms/hr so he could be home any minute now. I’ll try to have a quick look before I head off to give a lecture on ospreys to the Mull Bird Club this evening.