Lake District ospreys

On 8th July, I went with the Osprey project team to the Lake District osprey nest to ring the two young. Earlier in the year I had helped them with their arrangements to satellite track their young for the first time, and after ringing I fitted their MicrowaveTelemetry 30gms Argos/GPS transmitters. The young have now migrated and the Lake District Osprey Project are now enjoying following their young on their first migration. They are both doing very well and yesterday the latest transmissions showed that both were in Africa. One had completed a 1360 kilometre flight over the Atlantic Ocean from near Lisbon to the Western Sahara and the other had flown 460 kilometres across the Ocean from Huelva in Spain to Northern Morocco. Great that they both avoided the pitfalls of being lost at sea. You can find their migrations on the Lake District osprey website.