Visited Handa and then SE to Oykell

On 15th February was in hills east of Laxford Bridge, then further south to hills just east of Scourie, and at midday on 16th was perched on the hillside above the bothy of the island of Handa and two hours later was flying over Bhadaich Daraich wood, near Scourie. In the 1960s, when I first visited Handa, I saw golden eagles on the island hunting rabbits, then they nested on the mainland opposite, but that eyrie has been deserted for many decades. On 17th Canisp was over Kuyesku and then near Quinag, and then stayed in the mountains south of Drumbeg until 2pm on 20th, when he flew south to Suilven. At midday on 21st he was over Ardmair, north of Ullapool, and by the evening was near Creag Loisgte, SW of Oykell Bridge, where he settled.

Feb 15th - 21st