Spring migration started

Rothiemurchus started his first north migration as an adult on 12th April. At 1300GMT he was a few miles north of the wintering site flying NNE at 518 metre altitude; he had passed east of Kaolack by 1500hrs and at 1700 hrs was roosting to the NW of Mbar after a day’s flight of 112 km. On 13th, he left just before 1000GMT and headed NW; at 1400hrs he was flying N at 65 km/hr ar 1329 metres to pass east of Louga. By 1700 hrs he was flying around wetlands south of Sine Saloum NP and roosted E of Tilene after a day’s flight of 195 km. Today, he was moving around the wetlands and was still there north of Tilene at 1100GMT. By 1500 hrs he was flying NE at 74km/hr at altitude of 1515 metres, before roosting in desert by an hour later after a day’s flight of 177 kms

It is going to fascinating to watch his first migration back to Scotland as a potentially breeding bird. Will he get back in time to nest this year or will he just try to establish a nest and find a mate?

1st day - Apr 12th

To Northern Senegal - 13th Apr


Apr 14th