Completed an amazing 1000 mile flight

A fantastic migration from the English Midlands to North Spain

Fiddich was still around her roost area south of Manchester at 7am and 8am,and at 9am an 10am was perched further south to the north of Congleton. Sometime later she started migrating and was passing Birmingham at 2pm, and between 5pm and 9pm she was perching at several places near Priors Marston. But sometime soon after she set off SSW because at 7am on 13th when the transmitter started collecting data again she was 226 miles further on flying over the Western Approaches west of the Channel Islands.  At 0800GMT she was approaching the north coast of Brittany and an hour later was SE of Brest heading south out over the Bay of Biscay. She flew strongly down over the Atlantic and when the transmitter swiched off for the night at 2000hrs, she was flying S at 27kph 140 metres above the sea. Fom the subsequent data she probably reached Spain after 2300hrs.

At 0600GMT on 14th, she was roosting in the sea cliffs just north of Nueva. But by 1000hrs she was in the mountains flying S and then settled down 1300 hrs in a rver valley near Vegas del Candado. What another fantastic migration.