Stan’s the Navigator – incredible first migration

Stan did not stop in Cheshire at dusk – he just kept flying through the night and when the tranmitter started its morning schedule at 0600GMT Stan was on the south side of Brittany flying south past Quiberon after flying 365 miles.  He set off strongly our over the Bay of Biscay flying just west of south and after a strong flight made landfall over Santander on the North coast of Spain at 1500 hrs. He did not stop but headed SSW into the Cantabrian mountains. At 1700hrs he was at 1240 metres altitude flying SSW at 49kph but at 1900 hrs finally settled to roost in a wood on the other side of the mountain near Villanuno de Valdaria.

This was an incredible 1057 mile (1700 km) first migration – successfully crossing the appraocahes to the English Channel and the whole of the Bay of Biscay. He started at 10.30 am (0930GMT) and finally stopped migrating after 1800 GMT on 13th September.  What a great start to his migration.