Aigan seen and photographed in Spain

Really exciting to get an email from Damian Martin in Spain this afternoon asking me about an osprey with a satellite transmitter. Quick exchange and he sends me the coordinates, some photos and the details recorded – it’s Aigan – photographed for the second time on migration.

Left leg – blue ring, white digits read AA3 Right leg – aluminium ring
16 Sept 2012 Cazalegas reservoir, Toledo province, Spain
Observers: Pablo Lopez and David Serrano
Photos: Pablo Lopez
Would love to know more (specially as we are trying to get more official protection for this artificial wetland).
Damian Martin

What a wonderful network the ospreys create and I like to think that we help nature conservation people in other countries achhieve their aims for the protection of important wetlands.  The following photos of Aigan were taken by Pablo Lopez Рvery many thanks Pablo

Aigan carrying fish

Aigan in flight – photos copyright Pabl Lopez