South past The Gambia – including desert night flight

South along the border of Algeria and Morocco on 21st October and  at 21ooGMT was still flying SW at 20kph. The next signal at dawn showed she had made a 160 km flight over the Tiris Semmar desert during the night. After 0900 on 22nd she set of WSW and roosted that night to the NE of the Fderik Iron Ore mine in Mauritania. Next day she skirted to the north and west of the massive mine workings and nearly reached the southern border of Morocco. On 25th October she made a big push SW and roosted that night inland and to the south of Nouakchott. On 26th she migrated south inland from the Atlantic coast and reached the mouth of the Senegal river at 1700GMT, on 27th she carried on south and roosted NW of Mbour and on 28th flew on south crossing the Gambia River at 1600GMT and roosted just south of the river.

October 20th to 28th