Crossing the Sahara Desert

Fearna has really got downto the task of migrating to West Africa. She crossed the Mediterranean Sea on 4th November, afer roosting NE of Motril ins outh Spain.  She reached Morocco in the early afternoon and roosted NE of Fez. On 5th she flew 205 km over the Moyen Atlas and roosted east of Midelt. On 6th she changed direction to SW and flew along the High Atlas mountains for 154 km.  Next day, she flew 222 km through the mountains and roosted in Toub Kal National Park.

On 8th she flew 268 km SW, well to the east of Agadir, and roosted close to Taghjijit. On 9th, she was heading for the desert and flew 333 km over the Guelmin es Semara and roosted that night just north of the border of Mauritania. On 10th,  she flew 521 km SSW over the desert, passing east of the Fderik iron ore mine and roosted just north of the main road. On 11th she had another good day, 409 km SSW – clipped the SE corner of Western Sahara, and over the Akchar desert o roost 220 km ENE of Nouakchott. She should soon be in Senegal.

Nov 3rd to 11th