Big move south to Guinea

Fiddich was probably finding her recent haunts in northern Seengal unsuitable because on 27th November she set off south and roosted that night on the River Gambia, well up river. Next day she flew on SW through Senegal and Guinea Bissau to reach the north west coast of Guinea. On 29th she coasted down through Guinea covering over 100km . On 30th she flew on past Conakry and on 1st and 2nd December was near Foecariah, SE of the capital. On 2nd she flew north through Guinea forĀ 150 km before settling for the night on a small wooded hil near Dantare-Kobi. There were no obvious wetlands in that area which is well populated. Hope she finds a good wintering with plenty of fish soon.

Relocation by Fiddich to Guinea – 23rd Novmber to December 2nd


























Roost on Gambia River 26th/27th November

























Move upcountry Guinea December 2nd