Returns ‘home’ to Northern Senegal

after roosting in inland Guinea on 2nd/3rd December, Fiddich flew NW and by evening she was beside a forested river near Saala in NW Guiea. On 4th she crossed back into Guinea Bissau and flew leaisurely across country, passing over the River Corebal and by evening was in the marshes in the upper River Geba, north of Bafata.Next morninh she continued nortth and crosed the River Gambia at 1400GMT near Pakalinding. She roosted that night in Senegal on a tributary of the Gambia river. On the 7th she set off NW before 1000hrs and passed the Kaolcak salt pans and then north to roost east of Kebemer in dry savannah. Next day was just a relatively short flight back to her start point and by 14oohrs she was setlled again on the river which runs into Lac de Guier.

475 miles each way in a direct line (of course she flew further) would be likeĀ setting off from her natal area near Elgin in north Scotland to spend a few days on the Isle of Wight and back. It’s amzing how quickly these young ospreys learn the map of West Africa.

Fiddich’s return track