Flew south inland to The Gambia River

Fiddich's flight to the River Gambia

Fiddich’s flight to the River Gambia

On 15th February Fiddich st off south in late morning and roosyted that night just north of the N1 road near Malem – Niani; on 16th she arrived at extreme east end of The Gambia and roosted that night in the Niokolo Koba wetland in Senegal – this 460 km from her previous wintering site. On 18th she moved back to the upper River Gambia in Senegal. On 23rd she was back in Niokolo┬áKoba – she flew back to the Gambia river next day and on 25th and 27th was in a wetland of Koina Forest Park in Gambia close to the river. On March 2nd and 5th she was beside the River Gambia just in Senegal