Another big round trip

Fearna left her main wintering place on 5t March and flew west and roosted that night in Mauritania, next day she flew SW to wetlands east of St Loui. On 7th she flew to the Atlantic coast south of St Louis in the laet afternoon and then fle back east to roost. On 8th she set off NE crossing over Lac d’Guiers and by 1500GMT she was south of Rochard Toll flying NE at 65kph at an altitiude of 1543 metres. By 1800hrs she was back at her wintering site after a journey of at least 470 km.¬† Another interesting exploratory flight – are they being pushed to explore because fishing or competion is getting difficult, or is it experience gaining when¬†conditions are good.

Round trip  -  5th to 8th March

Round trip – 5th to 8th March