Rothiemurchus arrives again in Galicia

Rothiemurchus set off early and passed Rabat at 0800GMT, he left Tangier at 1600 hrs and an hour later was over Cape Trafalgar in Spain. He flew north and roosted the night in the Dehesa de Abajo, SW of Seville. Next morning he flew noth and then at 0900GMTturned NNW and by 1400hrs had flown into Portugal, S of Elvas and later roosted at the Nisa Reservoir.  On 16th Rothiemurchus flew north over inland Portugal and roosted for the night in the Alvao National Parkin North Portuday.  Today 17th April he was away before 0700GMT and at 1100 hrs passed over Purense and at 1600hrs was arriving at his usual stop-over area near As Pontes de GarciaRodriguez in NW Galicia.  What an extra stage of migration he builds into his track because he keeps returning to Galicia instaed of heading direct to the Pyrenees

April 14th - 17th

April 14th – 17th