Still at Reservoir de la Concepcion

Jacki Gittins sent me an email yesterday   “Hi, I took a drive towards Istan and the Reservoir de la Concepcion this morning to see if I might find Beatrice. No luck at all (she’s probably back in the
Sotogrande by now!) but thought you might like to see a photo of the north of the reservoir she’s been roaming. I’m here for the south migration and have been lucky so far – skies full of booted eagles and black storks. No Ospreys yet but I’ll go and see if I can spot the residents at Embalse de Barbate whilst I’m here. Thanks for the website and tracking info – it’s fabulous to follow.”

I checked the GPS data this morning and yesterday Beatrice was hanging out on the west side of the lake.  Here is Jacki’s photo of the resevoir from north end.istvan